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As an experienced family physician, Manish Shah, MD, values the importance of routine preventive health care. At Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Dr. Shah offers annual physical exams to assess the health of your whole family from year to year. In addition to your physical, you can also receive routine screenings, including Pap smears and blood work, and get caught up on necessary vaccinations. To schedule an annual physical for yourself or your family, call Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics or request an appointment online now.

Annual Physical Q & A

Why do I need an annual physical?

Annual physicals are essential for preventing long-term health complications. Physicals give Dr. Shah the opportunity to evaluate your overall health and identify early signs of acute or chronic illness. 

Since many health issues don’t show symptoms right away, you may not know you have an underlying condition until it advances.

Treating health issues in the earliest stages is typically when treatment is most effective. Dr. Shah also relies on annual physicals to monitor and track changes in your health from one year to the next.

Dr. Shah also offers specialized physicals that meet the requirements of schools, sports organizations, and employers.

What can I expect during an annual physical?

During your annual physical, Dr. Shah takes time to review your personal and family medical history and discusses any questions or concerns you have about your health.

As part of your physical exam, Dr. Shah carefully evaluates many aspects of your health including your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Blood pressure
  • Body temperature

You can also expect an assessment of your joint flexibility and overall skin health. Dr. Shah feels your abdomen to identify swelling or other abnormalities in your inner organs.

Annual physicals are also a great time to receive updates for vaccinations to protect you and your family from contagious diseases, like mumps, measles, and the seasonal flu.

Will I need blood work?

When Dr. Shah reviews your medical and family history, he notes information about your health that may require additional diagnostic testing. If you have a family history of risk factors for certain diseases, such as diabetes, you may need blood work during your routine physical.

You may also need blood work if you’re currently treating existing health conditions with medications.

Dr. Shah also offers other on-site diagnostic screenings, like electrocardiograms (EKG), to detect underlying heart conditions.

For women, Dr. Shah provides routine Pap smears and pelvic exams to assess reproductive health and identify cervical cell changes that can indicate cancer.

If it’s been longer than a year since your last physical exam, schedule an appointment by calling Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics or by requesting an appointment online today.

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