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Laser Treatments

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To help you look your best, family physician, Manish Shah, MD, offers cutting-edge aesthetic laser treatments at Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. The office, located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, is equipped with the latest technologies, including the Alma™ laser system. Dr. Shah is extensively trained in using noninvasive laser techniques to transform your facial profile and reduce unwanted body hair without incisions or downtime. Find out if laser treatments are right for you by calling Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics or booking a consultation online now.

Laser Treatments Q & A

What aesthetic laser treatments are available?

To help you achieve optimal results, Dr. Shah designs a laser therapy treatment plan based on your cosmetic goals. He uses the innovative Alma Harmony XL Pro system to:

  • Clear acne
  • Remove hair
  • Remodel skin
  • Minimize scars
  • Eliminate tattoos

To determine if you’re a candidate for aesthetic laser therapy, Dr. Shah reviews your medical history and evaluates the health of your skin. 

As long as you’re free of infection, he can customize a treatment plan for revitalizing your skin and enhancing your natural appearance without the need for incisions or downtime.

How do laser treatments work?

The Alma Harmony XL Pro laser system is a versatile machine that offers 20 distinct laser, ultrasound, and light technologies. Dr. Shah can control the amount of energy he delivers into the treatment area to achieve the desired results.

Skin remodeling

In skin remodeling, the laser energy heats the cells beneath the surface of your skin without harming surrounding tissue. This stimulates your body to produce new, healthy collagen to plump areas where you’ve lost volume and tighten your skin to give you a younger-looking, fresh appearance.

Hair removal

With laser hair removal, the Harmony XL Pro system delivers laser energy into the hair follicles beneath the skin, heating and destroying their structure. Once damaged, the follicle can no longer produce new hair.

Dr. Shah can discuss your options for laser treatments based on the specific aesthetic issues you want to address without surgery.

What are the benefits of laser treatments?

Before the advancements in laser technology were available, surgery was typically the only option for rejuvenating the skin. 

With modern laser treatments, you can achieve high quality results without a single incision. This reduces your risk for infection, bleeding, and long-term scarring that’s common with surgery.

Dr. Shah offers the convenience of in-office laser treatments, many of which take an hour or less. After your laser therapy session, you can expect to go right back to your usual routine without downtime or concerns for side effects.

One of the biggest benefits laser treatments offer is long-lasting results. Since Dr. Shah uses laser energy to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, new collagen continues to build up over time. Your results continue to improve and last for months or years.

To find out if you’re a candidate for laser treatments, schedule a consultation online or by calling Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine and Pediatrics today.

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